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New EARSC Members since January to June 2014

CloudEO, EOMAP, Fugro Geos, GlobeSAR, Hermess, Hisdesat, Spatial Energy, Stevenson Astrosat, BHO-Legal, NLR, Satellite Applications Catapult

We are pleased to welcome the new organizations as EARSC members:

Full members

  • CloudEO is a small German start-up offering a secure and highly scalable “cloud-based” Geo-Infrastructure to develop, produce and market geo-services. The CloudEO platform is a unique incubation centre for geo-services. CloudEO joins as a small full-member.
  • EOMAP GmbH & Co.KG is a commercial provider in satellite-derived information on aquatic systems, acting worldwide as an operational mapping service provider for the offshore industry and environmental agencies. Pioneering in the field of commercial, satellite-derived high resolution water quality and bathymetry, EOMAP solutions rely on standardized physical models which are independent of scale, sensor type, and geographic location.
  • Fugro Geos is a global leader in the provision of commercial meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) services and systems. These are provided on a fully integrated world-wide basis to meet and support client needs in offshore and coastal environments.
  • Globesar is a Norwegian Earth Observation company. It holds exclusive commercial rights of the SBAS-GSAR software that enables us to provide the customers with surface displacement maps using advanced processing of satellite synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data.
  • Hermess Private owned company developing and providing innovative solutions on environmental issues to the offshore, coastal and harbour sector based on remote sensing data and models.
  • Hisdesat is currently developing a new satellite constellation for Earth observation (PAZ and INGENIO) with some other Spanish players. PAZ is a very high resolution synthetic aperture radar satellite working in X band, planed to be launched in 2014 and INGENIO is a high resolution panchromatic and multispectral satellite, planed to be launched by 2016.
  • Spatial Energy GmbH serves the Oil and Gas industry by providing the right spatial imagery and data content at the right price — which we host and disseminate throughout the organization. As a result, we enable our customers – 5 of the Top 6 Super Majors and 30 of the Top 50 Oil & Gas Companies in the world – to efficiently and effectively manage their workflows throughout the exploration and production lifecycle.
  • Steveson Astrosat has 3 divisions: Earth Observation, Space Communications and Spacecraft systems. The Earth Observation division focuses is on GIS/DEM, quick return on demand imagery, hi- res geo-mapping services and software value add from this – all in multiple disciplines but with a strong focus on renewable and low carbon technology.


  • BHO Legal is a boutique law firm based in Cologne, Germany, specialized in international space law, EU regulatory law, procurement, IT, Data protection, IPR, R&D and contract law. BHO has been heavily involved in the Copernicus and Gali leo/EGNOS programmes as well as other large Earth Observation Programmes (ENMAP, EDRS), FP7 projects. BHO Legal becomes and Observer member.
  • NLR is the Dutch knowledge enterprise for identifying, developing and applying advanced technological knowledge in the area of aerospace.
  • Satellite Applications Catapult Ltd is one of a network of Catapults established by the Technology Strategy Board, the Satellite Applications Catapult is an independent innovation and technology company, created to foster growth across the economy through the exploitation of space. We help organisations make use of and benefit from satellite technologies, and bring together multi- disciplinary teams to generate ideas and solutions in an open innovation environment.