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New Bathymetrics Data Portal delivers quality water depth data online

13 September 2017. The Bathymetrics Data Portal, the first dedicated commercial bathymetry portal of its kind, has been launched.

The portal allows users to search, purchase and automatically download the best available water depth information directly from the online store to their computer.

It is the result of a partnership between DHI GRAS – DHI’s own experts in satellite derived bathymetry, TCarta – a global provider of marine geospatial products, and DigitalGlobe – the world’s leading provider of high-resolution satellite imagery.

Buy just what you need

The Bathymetrics Data Portal offers a global database with a continuously expanding 2m Bathymetry dataset in shallow water areas, in addition to a worldwide database of interpolated 90m Bathymetry. Data is priced by the square kilometre; the customer pays online with credit card and can download the data shortly after.

‘We are very excited about this launch, as we have made direct access to off-the-shelf bathymetry data very easy and intuitive. The shop marks an important milestone in our continued quest to develop and offer offer high quality, affordable bathymetry data.’
- DHI COO, Jacob Høst-Madsen.

The Bathymetrics Data Portal allows users to search for data in their area of interest and purchase what they need. © DHI, TCarta, DigitalGlobe

Bathymetric products are used extensively by organisations involved in energy infrastructure development, port construction, environmental monitoring, aquaculture planning and hydrodynamic modelling.

‘The per-kilometre pricing model puts high-quality bathymetric data within easy reach of organisations of any size in all industries. One-person engineering shops, academic entities and other organisations with limited budgets can now engage in complex offshore projects.’
- TCarta CEO, David Critchley

The portal is constantly being updated with new and improved data, providing users with the best available bathymetric information around the world. We would be excited to hear from you if you have an area of interest that is not currently in our database.

Access the portal

Visit The Bathymetrics Data Portal now at: