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NEVASCO, Nederlands Value adding services collectief

NEVASCO as framework (infrastructure, platform, organisation) focused on services and services on the market. It is not a data infrastructure.

By focusing on the market services are NEVASCO eminently able to specify aspects of the need for satellite data (type, time, format, quantity, standards, compatibility, etc.). With these specifications, the data infrastructure (which is focused on the supply of satellite data) be developed further.

An organised data infrastructure is essential for NEVASCO because the data intake depends on it. This involves satellite data from it to make it available from the Copernicus Sentinels, but other – institutional and commercial – (EO) satellites. Or that should be in the form of a national Copernicus Collaborative Ground Segment or in any other way, must be examined. This question can only be adequately answered on the basis of specific requests from the market and the strategic goal of the company and its customers.

Because many information ultimately based not only on satellite data but also use other forms of geo-information is a reconciliation of the satellite data infrastructure to broader geo-information infrastructures of great importance. Important for NEVASCO is also connected to the (geo-) information infrastructure of the customer.

Cooperating companies will develop an operational service platform and infrastructure. The cooperative organisation will be strong enough to act as contract partner for large private and public user organisations. This might turn out to be an interesting model for other European countries as well.