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Networking initiative supports interdisciplinary research in Earth Observation

The Terrestrial Biosphere in the Earth System (TERRABITES) research network was created to provide a context that facilitates interdisciplinary cooperation for assessment of the Earth system. TERRABITES is funded by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) programme, financed by the European Commission and supported by ESA.

On 9-11 February 2010 TERRABITES held its first symposium in Hamburg, Germany, gathering specialists from various Earth system science disciplines to address the future of our environment. Enhanced understanding of the latter will allow managing better natural resources by defining appropriate planning and mitigation actions.

To be able to identify and analyse long-term climatic trends and changes, it is important to have access to near-continuous data of the Earth over long periods of time, which is made possible by Earth Observation (EO) satellites. However, in order to provide better model simulations of climate and the consequences of human behaviour for climate, the various communities in this field – modellers, ecologists, Earth-observation specialists and researchers – need to collaborate and merge their research and findings.

The TERRABITES network will continue to organise symposia and workshops for the next four years to provide a platform for diverse, international communities in order to achieve mutual understanding between them for a greater understanding of the Earth system and the effect of climate change.

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