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NEREUS : Regional workshop "Space Applications at the Bremen location" 21-22 April 2015, Bremen ,Germany

NEREUS President Nichi Vendola and Senator Günthner (Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports Minister of Justice and Constitution) of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen would like to seize the opportunity to invite you (see invitation and draft programme attached) to the regional workshop “Space Applications at the Bremen location” that in collaboration with NEREUS will organize on 21-22 April 2015 in Bremen, Germany.

The workshop aims at presenting the region’s capabilities and expertise in the area of using and developing space based services and products.

The workshop will comprise two main parts:
-On the first day the region showcases its capacities and expertise in the area of using and developing space based services and products. Participants are invited to visit relevant industry sites and research facilities to gain a firsthand insight and will get the opportunity to learn more about the region’s flagship initiatives and activities.
-The second day participating regions (NEREUS-member regions but also new regions interested in the event) as well as associated members are explicitly invited to take the floor and give informational presentations on the profile of the space community in their territory (including major enterprises and research organisations, aerospace district or relevant clusters), main interests and expertise and introduce key activities and regional best practices.
Moreover, in the evening of the 21st of April you are invited to an i2b event where the topic space will be presented in different ways and social networking is provided.

If you are interested please register until April 8th by following this link Password: #Nereusbremen