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Need for Satellite-Based Earth Observation Accelerating with Increasing Demand from Public and Private Entities

The process of using remote sensing techniques for gathering data about the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the planet earth is known as satellite based earth observation (EO). With the help of satellite based earth observation we can measure the geophysical parameters of the earth from the orbit by making use of sensors as well as cameras. With the information generated there from, we can determine cloud cover, climate patterns, prepare for any natural calamities, the water resources available, agricultural uses, tsunamis, petroleum and mineral deposits. It also helps us in managing the natural resources in a much better way. Satellite based earth observation industry is currently seeing noticeable growth and it is predicted that there will be around 260 Satellites launched by the next ten years.

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Factors Expected to Aid Growth of Global Satellite-based Earth Observation Market:

- The constant improvements in the satellite imagery is one of the major drivers of the satellite based earth observation industry.

- Today, because of the existence of high resolution cameras that provide in depth as well as detailed photos, as well as the improved remote sensing technologies have completely enhanced the quality of satellite based earth observation photos and made them better.

- The information which is gathered from many satellites are then accordingly transferred to the science, research and development organisations, private users, as well as for defence use.

- Today, most researchers make use of satellite based earth observation in Maritime surveillance as it has the capability to quickly determine situations in times of wars as well as harsh weathers.

- People like farmers, miners, fishers, engineers, information servers, as well as other decision makers need information derived of earth observation as it helps them in their business goals, and this technology is also predicted to bolster the EO market even to different areas like natural disaster response, land management, real estate and tourism industry, as well as insurance.

-Plus, the growing need for earth observation data from both private as well as public entities like the Google, Inc for the purpose of services related to location as well as mapping is predicted to bolster the earth observations market even more.

- The government has taken strict rules for the protection of Earth observations, and the coming together of many operators for expanding their capabilities by means of technology transfer are expected to be the primary reasons that will carry forward the satellite-based earth observation market.

Why Europe and North America are Deemed Biggest Contributors to the Growth of Market:

- The United States based earth observation satellite operators GeoEye and DigitalGlobe, along with Europe-based SPOT Image are the top contributors in this market as they contribute more than 60% of the total income generated from the commercial data sales.

- It is predicted that, there will be a great demand for satellite-based earth observation market from the emerging economies like Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa, and Kazakhstan in the years to come.

- Apart from the countries listed, the United States, India, China, as well as the Europe are important operators of remote sensing satellites. Top operators and service providers in these countries are joining hands with geographic information system companies as well as smartphone companies for providing the customers with up to date knowledge about the services.