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MySustanaibleForest: Earth-observation technology for sustainable forestry

November 21, 2017 saw the official kick-off of MySustainableForest, a project funded under the European Union’s framework research and innovation program, Horizon 2020, which aims at phasing increased use of Earth Observation technology and tools into the forestry sector to ensure a more sustainable use of our woodland.

Europe is about 40% woodland. For two decades now initiatives, agreements and policies have been underway to ensure a balanced development of these crucial woodland ecosystems.

The MySustainableForest initiative is being carried out by a GMV-led consortium including the Portuguese Navigator Company (Instituto de Investigaçao da Floresta e Papel: RAIZ), the Hrvatski Sumarski Institut (Croatian Forest Research Institute: CFRI), the University Forest Enterprise (UFE) of the University of Mendel of the Czech Republic (Mendelova Univerzita V Brne), the Forestry Association of Navarre (Asociación forestal de Navarra: FORESNA), the Lietuvos Misko Savininku Asociacija (Forest Owners’ Association of Lithuania: FOAL), the French National Forestry Ownership Center (Centre National de la Propriete Forestiere: CNPF), the Spanish companies Madera Plus Calidad Forestal SL (MADERA+) and Föra plus the European Forest Institute.

Forests are the lungs of our planet. But their key environmental role is not their only boon; their economic and social knock-on effects are coming into their own too. Direct and indirect benefits are in fact equally important. Conserving our forests and, above all, ensuring a sustainable use of them is therefore a pressing need at worldwide level.

Evaluating biomass, mapping timber quality, developing a climate-change strategy and pinpointing vulnerabilities are, among others, the applications to be developed during the course of this long-term, 36-month research project.