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Multi-Resource Coordinate Scheduling for Earth Observation in Space Information Networks

Space information network (SIN) is a promising networking architecture to significantly broaden the observation area and realize continuous information acquisition for Earth observation. Over the dynamic and complex SIN environment, it is a key issue to coordinate multi-dimensional heterogeneous network resources (e.g., observation resource and transmission resource) in the presence of multi-resource variations and severe conflicts, such that diverse Earth observation service requirements can be satisfied. To this end, this paper studies the multiresource coordinate scheduling problem in SINs. Specifically, we first characterize the relationship among multi-resource using an event-driven time-expanded graph (EDTEG). Based on the EDTEG, observation resource and transmission resource are jointly considered, and an integer linear programming optimization problem is formulated to maximize the sum priorities of successfully scheduled tasks. An iterative optimization technique is employed to decompose the problem into separate observation scheduling and transmission scheduling sub-problems, which can be efficiently solved by extended transmission time sharing graph and directed acyclic graph methods, respectively. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm and performance impacts of different network parameters.