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Monitoring territorial development trends in Europe

Gisat is responsible to design and develop a web based analytical platform for European Territorial Monitoring System within ESPON programme.

The European Territorial Monitoring System (ETMS) aims at supporting policy makers and practitioners at all levels in their practical work with factual information on trends related to European regions, cities and types of territories. By reading and interpreting the quantitative statistical information in the light of policy objectives and aims related to territorial cohesion, the results of this project may help policy makers to identify development opportunities and territorial challenges, as well as better understand the diversity and position (benchmarking) of cities, regions and territories in the European context.

The project is led by MCRIT (Spain) and the ETMS consortium consists of 4 additional partners: Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), Department of Geography and Environment of Université de Genève (Switzerland), Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (Sweden) and Gisat (Czech Republic). All partners have experiences in developing monitoring systems at European, national and regional levels and disseminate their activities regularly across Europe. They are also experts in different scientific and policy fields concerned and they are familiar with different territorial contexts in the frame of ESPON space.

ETMS will be an operational system, providing to users, policy-analysts and policy-makers useful policy-support related information, focused on most important spatial policy objectives. Appropriate indicators relevant to territorial development trends in accordance with policy objectives related to Territorial Cohesion (in particular the EUROPE 2020 Strategy and the Territorial Agenda 2020) will cover thematic content of the ETMS. More information on the ETMS is provided on project portal

Gisat is responsible for designing and development of web based analytical platform, which will provide the ETMS users possibility to view, analyze and use information on territorial state and development in an user friendly and effective way. Interactive and interconnected components including maps and charts, as well as description of indicators and their significance or links to relevant policy debates and news will be incorporated in the platform. Access to the information will be ensured via multiple entry-points including selection of territorial type of topic. The platform will enable interactive selection and comparison of different spatial units of interest or time periods. Technical solution for export of regular reports will be also incorporated to the platform. Open source software solutions are used for the platform development.

Gisat provides wide range of geoinformation services based on Earth Observation technology. It focuses on operational application of satellite mapping to monitor various aspects of our environment and development of dedicated web based platforms for geoinformation analysis and assessment.
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