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Meet the Pixel Factory™ family

(September 2012) Pixel Factory™, the industrial-scale geo-production system developed by Astrium GEO-Information Services, generates high-level 2D and 3D mapping products thanks to a revolutionary processing chain designed to handle all kinds of Earth-observation data.

Widely used at Astrium GEO-Information Services for products like SPOTMaps, the system has been on the market since 2003 and today has a base of more than 20 customers.

Building on this success, Astrium GEO-Information Services is now further expanding its range of Pixel Factory™.

The newcomers to the family, Space Factory™, Sky Factory™ and Street Factory™, each offer the advantages of their elder, with the industrial production capacity to support fully automated processing of huge volumes of data.

Space Factory™

Designed to handle both optical and radar satellite data, Space Factory™, can be connected to direct receiving stations for even faster processing, so you can start production as soon as data arrive from the antenna. This fully integrated system generates very-high-quality, cloudless nationwide mosaics as well as digital surface models in no time at all.

Sky Factory™

Aircraft or UAVs acquire equally large amounts of imagery, so Sky Factory™ is designed to give all users in the aerial imagery domain the industrial capability of Pixel Factory™.

With Sky Factory™, it is also possible to generate highly accurate digital elevation or surface models, orthoimages and TrueOrthos™, all automatically. And with its small footprint, Sky Factory™ can even be deployed near your area of interest to further speed access to end products.

Street Factory™

Also in the aerial domain, Street Factory™, the newest member of the family, allows you to create highly realistic textured 3D urban models within hours of acquiring imagery from airborne or ground-based cameras.