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MDA Expands RADARSAT Distribution In China

(5 January 2012) MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd., a provider of essential information solutions, announced today that it has signed an agreement valued at Cdn$ 3 million with EarthView Image Inc., for the provision of RADARSAT distribution rights for three years.

RADARSAT products and services will be available to support government and commercial users in China in areas such as land use management, environmental monitoring, subsidence monitoring, and disaster response.

About MDA

MDA provides advanced information solutions that capture and process vast amounts of data, produce essential information, and improve the decision making and operational performance of business and government organizations worldwide.

Focused on markets and customers with strong repeat business potential, MDA delivers a broad spectrum of information solutions, ranging from complex operational systems, to tailored information services, to electronic information products.

About EV-Image

EV-Image specializes in 3 D visualization software and satellite and aerial image processing services. EV-Image was established in 2004 by SuperMap Software Co., Ltd., the Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other investors. The company currently has 270 employees.

(source: MDA)