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Mauro Salvemini EUROGI´s New President

Mauro Salvemini is President of EUROGI for the next two years.
This was the outcome of the election-process at EUROGI’s General
Board meeting on March 30th, in Brussels.

Mauro Salvemini has a long history in geographical information
both as researcher and manager. Because of the length of the list
of his national and international activities in the field only a few
can be mentioned. He has been an active member of EUROGI’s
Executive Committee for more than 7 years and served as Vice
President since 2003.
He has organised workshops for such EC
projects as GINIE and ETEMII, and for the EC GI & GIS workshop in
Sardinia 2005. Until the beginning of 2006 he was President of
AGILE, the European association of GI laboratories, and for the last
two years he has been the President of AMFM GIS Italia. He is also
a member of IGU (International Geographic Union) Working Group
on GI Science, and has collaborated with the GSDI association.
He is a university Professor and Researcher. Currently he is deeply
involved in the Region Sardinia project for SDI which is seen as a
landmark in both Italy and abroad.
Following his election Salvemini stated his desire to work towards
strong international relations, agreement and cooperation.
wishes to stimulate coherence among the members and the
involvement of users, the scientific community, and the private
sector in general and local communities in particular. INSPIRE is on
his list of top priorities.
Eurogi is the European umbrella organisation
representing the 6500 organisations in 20 European countries that
collectively create and use geographical information in Europe. It
is recognised as the professional voice of the GI world, and is
frequently consulted by the European Commission and others for
advice and information.
organization for
Rua Artilharia Um, 107
Tel: +351 213-819-624
Fax: +351 213-819-668
(Source EUROGI)