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Making the case for supporting users of Satellite Information and Services

A Eurisy-SME Union Working Breakfast in the European Parliament

Eurisy is enlarging its User Programme to encompass small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as users of satellite based services.

Eurisy’s on-going User Programme has already achieved a high degree of success in raising the awareness of local and regional authorities of the benefits of Satellite Information and Services (SIS). In the process, Eurisy has set close partnerships with user organisations such as the Assembly of the European Regions, the Committee of Regions and others.

As more and more regions and cities gain an interest in how to use SIS, and ask our advice in implementing them, Eurisy moves towards including user SMEs in our programme of raising awareness and anchoring space in society.

The move was kicked-off during a Working Breakfast in the European Parliament, which was co-organised by the SME Union of the EPP and Eurisy. Several MEPs, representatives from the European Commission and industry welcomed the proposal by Eurisy that support mechanisms, including financing, should be implemented so that more and more SMEs can invest in and use satellite-based services.

The benefits SMEs can draw from using satellite applications were eloquently illustrated by Mr Seppo Hovi, representing Hyotypaperi, a Finnish company which recycles and sells forest residues to energy power plants. Mr Hovi highlighted how using a satellite based service (combining satellite maps and GPS) has helped improve all levels of the supply chain. Mr Hovi pointed out the considerable economic advantages obtained through the use of these innovative satellite tools.

Eurisy’s initiative for supporting users of Satellite Information and Services – be they local or regional authorities or SMEs – continues through a series of events throughout the year, the next one being an information session on EU’s broadband initiative, to be hosted by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions during their General Assembly in Malmö, this April.

We invite all satellite service providers interested in collaborating on Eurisy’s activities of promoting satellite applications to contact Teodora Secara at Teodora.Secara(at)

“Working Breakfast at European Parliament. L-R: Jean Bruston, Eurisy Secretary General; Seppo Hovi, Hyötypaperi; Malcolm HARBOUR, MEP; Stefan NONNEMAN, Head of Unit, Space policy and coordination, EC; Christian ROVSING, MEP”