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02 April 2009
Bedfordshire & Luton Fire & Rescue Service selects Imass to provide a hydrant management system

Imass Ltd, an Infoterra company, has been selected by Bedfordshire & Luton Fire & Rescue Service to implement a fire hydrant and water source asset management system. This will be utilised by the service’s water officer and will provide accurate information to front-line fire crews on location via their Imass vehicle-mounted data systems.

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01 April 2009
Infoterra and Spot Image launch EXPRESSMaps, An online service to deliver detailed maps in 6 hours

This world’s first online service, which covers over three quarters of the Earth’s land surfaces, creates basemaps at a scale of 1:50 000, which can be delivered electronically to users in the space of just 6 hours

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19 March 2009
Infoterra to map and classify oil slicks over Baffin Bay Greenland

Infoterra has been appointed to undertake an oil slick mapping and interpretation project over Baffin Bay – 240,000 km2 area – for Nunaoil, the National Oil Company of Greenland.

Infoterra’s team of experts will characterise and rank all oil slicks as probable natural seepage or man-made pollution immediately the satellite imagery is received and will report the results to Nunaoil on a weekly basis. The team will also map the location and movement of all sea-ice and icebergs visible on the imagery.

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12 March 2009
TerraSAR-X performance confirmed by US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

NGA’s CCA Project Group evaluates and verifies TerraSAR-X’s
outstanding geolocation accuracy
Infoterra’s commercial radar satellite data at 1m and 3m resolution exceeds NGA’s purchase requirements

The superb accuracy defined in the TerraSAR-X data product specifications has now been confirmed by the Civil and Commercial Applications Project (CCAP) Group within the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA): The group published the results of their geolocation accuracy evaluation of TerraSAR-X radar satellite imagery during the ASPRS Annual Conference in Baltimore this week.

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11 March 2009
World’s largest claims management provider deploys innovative Infoterra solution

Infoterra has developed a powerful browser-based desktop survey solution for Crawford & Company to deliver improved risk intelligence for their National Subsidence Unit.

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