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Lantmäteriet’s Metria division corporatized

Swedish Parliament has today decided to transfer the operations currently conducted by the Metria division of Lantmäteriet to the wholly State-owned company Metria AB on 1 May 2011.

Metria performs consultancy work in the field of geographical information and associated services, for example surveying, data sales, analyses and geographical IT. Exempted from the corporatization is the supply of geographical information to the Defence Authorities, which will remain under Lantmäteriet.

Metria, with some 300 personnel employed in over 35 Swedish towns and cities, has its head office in Gävle, Sweden. The proposed Managing Director of Metria AB after 1 May, Karin Annerwall Parö, has been Divisional Manager of Metria since 15 January 2011.

The decision by Parliament to convert Metria into a limited company is based on the outcome of a survey conducted by the leader of a Government inquiry into the matter, Christina Rogestam. The survey indicated that authorities should not operate on markets with functioning forms of competition. The Parliamentary decision is supported by all political parties.

“At Metria, we recognise that the change involves major positive challenges,” says Karin Annerwall Parö. “It gives us greater opportunities to extend and develop the unique competence that our employees possess in the area of geographical IT. Our customers will find it easier to do business with Metria, while at the same time we will retain a high level of quality in the services we provide.”

All Metria employees will be offered employment at Metria AB. The breadth and depth of Metria’s competence in geographical information is the foundation on which it will be possible to build a successful company. On 24 March 2011, the Government took the formal decision that allowed the State to purchase the company and to appoint a Board of Directors.

On 1 May 2011, operations will be transferred from Lantmäteriet’ Metria division to Metria AB.

For further information, please contact Karin Annerwall Parö, Metria’s Divisional Manager, on +46 (0)73-412 66 62 or at

Metria offers services in the field of geographical IT. The focus of Metria’s operations has for many years been on helping customers to collect, process and use geographical information. Metria employs some 300 personnel in 35 towns and cities in Sweden, and has annual sales of SEK 500 million. The largest customers are for the most part in the public sector, banking and insurance, forestry and energy, and telecommunications. See