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Land Use Maps for European Urban Areas:Regione Veneto Case History

SAT Expo Europe is the Space and Advanced Telecommunications International Showroom, happened last March 26-28, 2008 in the new fair complex of Rome, Italy.

The event involved the main Italian Aerospace stakeholders and Public Administration in several national conferences on Earth Observation.
During the workshop “Spatial Application for an Innovative Public Administration”, organized by the Union of Italian Provinces (UPI) and the Association for Space-based Applications and Services (ASAS), Planetek Italia was invited to present the success experience of Regione Veneto, as Champion user of GSE Land Map Product (i.e. Urban Atlas).

GSE Land Product Map has a fundamental importance for cartographic data updating and for the design of planning tools.

The use made by Regione Veneto of the final product spreads over a wide spectrum of applications. Regione Veneto, by coordinating all the seven Provinces and Local Authorities, makes downstream activities providing them all products they need. These are further processed and used in environment, pollution, water and agriculture sectors.

GSE Land Map Product, by fulfilling the required user accuracy, satisfies the regional normative framework and contributes to create vector database and an updatable land use map of the whole region.

The GSE Land official website

About Planetek Italia
Planetek Italia is one of the leading companies in Italy in the data processing and system development for geographic data management. The company delivers systems for storage, elaboration and distribution of cartographic databases and satellite images. As provider of leading technologies for the European Space Agency (ESA), Italian Space Agency (ASI) and other leader research and development entities in Europe, Planetek Italia assures state of the art products to their customers. To better satisfy market needs, Planetek Italia complements its offerings by reselling premiere geospatial solutions and provides consulting and training services. Sister and spin-off companies of Planetek Italia are: Planetek Hellas EPE in Athens, Greece, and GEO-K in Rome, Italy.

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