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KSPT MEOS™ Control and MEOS™ Connect to KSAT mid latitude stations in Singapore, Bangalore(India), Dubai and Hartebeesthoek (South-Africa)

Kongsberg Spacetec has signed a contract with Kongsberg Satellite Services to deliver 4-four- MEOS™ Control and a MEOS™ Connect system to support operations of KSAT’s mid-latitude stations in Singapore, Bangalore (India), Dubai and Hartebeesthoek (South-Africa) from Tromsø.

The MEOS™ Connect system will be used in Tromsø to provide common operations of the KSAT mid latitude stations

MEOS™ Control is Kongsberg Spacetec’s product for Ground Station monitoring and control. A Ground Station often consists of a number of specialized units, e.g. demodulators, modulators, antenna control units (ACU), converters, switch matrices, etc. Instead of handling these units as stand alone units, MEOS™ Control integrates them into one overall system, with a common GUI and a common API for remote operations.

MEOS™ Connect is a basic building block for implementing efficient Monitoring & Control infrastructures in distributed Ground Station environments

For more information about the customer: Kongsberg Satellite Services