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KSAT Vessel Detection Service Teams Up With PEW Charitable Trusts to Combat Illegal Fishing

KSAT has recently finalized a contract to monitor vessel traffic in the waters around Easter Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

Using multiple sensors from a variety of satellite missions (including synthetic aperture radar [SAR], electro-optical imagery, and satellite AIS data streams) KSAT will acquire, analyze and distribute information in order to evaluate the existence and extent of illegal fishing in the area.

The effort is part of the PEW Global Ocean Legacy project, which aims to establish a worldwide system of very large, highly protected marine reserves where fishing and other extractive activities are prohibited and which has been pivotal in the designation of some of the world’s largest ocean reserves.

KSAT and PEW are excited about this pioneering effort to bring cutting-edge technology to combat the overexploitation of the world’s oceans by sophisticated International fishing fleets penetrating progressively more remote waters.

Source KSAT