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KSAT signs agreement in Argentina

(01.07.2016) The Norwegian Minister for foreign Affairs, Mr. Børge Brende, witnessed the signing of an Implementing Agreement (IA) between KSAT and VENG SA (a CONAE owned company)Thursday, covering joint activities related to ground station development as well as satellite operations.

The KSAT Pole-to pole network will be augmented with this new ground station in Argentina. KSAT and VENG will establish a new satellite ground station in Terra del Fuego. The satellite ground station will host CONAE and KSAT antennas. Several important satellite programs will utilize the infrastructure to optimize satellite data reception and control.

In December 2015, the Norwegian Space Centre (NSC) signed a framework with NATIONAL COMMISSION ON SPACE ACTIVITIES OF THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC (CONAE) for developing space activities in areas of mutual interest. The current initiative is implemented as a direct consequence of this agreement.

KSAT president and CEO, Rolf Skatteboe, says he is pleased to have signed this agreement, which will allow KSAT and Argentina to work closer together. The new satellite ground station will be an important addition to KSAT global network. It will cost –efficiently be integrated in the world largest network for satellite operation and control.

In addition, local data reception from Argentinian radar satellite, combined with the KSAT multi-mission near real-time services for Maritime Situational Awareness, will enable unprecedented vessel detection services, supporting the battle against illegal fishery on a global scale.