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KSAT-GMS : new strategic partnership to provide ground monitoring services

KSAT, Norut, and PPO.labs have entered a strategic partnership to establish operational services of spaceborne radar technology to provide ground motion monitoring services.

Analysis of Copernicus Sentinel-1 radar data (Feb 2015 – Nov 2016) show ground displacement of the San Francisco Bay Area, with millimetric accuracy. A number of hot spots are clearly observed, including subsidence of reclaimed land in San Rafael Bay, just north of San Francisco. [Credit: Norut/PPO.labs]

The Earth Observation business is going through a rapid change. As space based monitoring data is becoming easily accessible worldwide, the need for a robust yet scalable service providing
national or even continental scale products, emerges across many sectors.

There is a high demand for reliable space based ground monitoring services. Stakeholders and applications are very diverse: from urban planning applications in the context of modern smart cities, to governments trying to identify critical areas prone to subsidence or natural hazards.

With this partnership, we aim to contribute to the global trend in commoditization of Earth Observation data. KSAT-GMS will ofer a unique service to our customers worldwide, specifcally tailored for ground deformation monitoring applications.

KSAT Ground Monitoring Services (KSAT-GMS): Global, Scalable, Reliable

Tackling the challenges of operational ground motion mapping requires a multidisciplinary approach and experience to cover the entire lifecycle of the service, from satellite data retrieval to
added value products.

KSAT-GMS partners are key players in the EO market with a well-established track-record and decades of experience. This partnership stems from an already ongoing cooperation in strategic
projects, in which unique know-how and services are being developed by partners for selected global players.

KSAT is an industry leader in maritime time-critical earth observation services performed with multimission SAR satellites and runs a global network of downlink stations that enable Near-Real-Time deliveries. Together with expertise of Norut in applied EO research and development, combined with PPO.labs as a highly specialized provider of interferometric methods and services, this partnership aims at ofering full operational capability and scalability in order to respond both to local and supra-national ground monitoring needs.

This partnership is uniquely positioned to capture growth in the global market demand for operational ground deformation monitoring services.

Staying ahead in the ground motion monitoring business

Jan Petter Pedersen, KSAT Vice President, noted that: “During discussions with our customers, frequently the following questions would come-up: How can we complement our maritime services
with ground monitoring products? And if so, can such a product be fexible, scalable, and reliable to meet our current and future needs? With this partnership we are confdent we are able to address these questions.”

Norut’s research director for earth observation, Kjell Arild Høgda, said: “As research institute, we are at the point where further scaling up from our current Research & Development status to more efcient use of data from European Commission Copernicus programme requires additional investment. We see this partnership as a great way to make more efcient the path from successful
R&D results to operational use. And this is only the start.”

“This is a tremendous opportunity for us to extend our reach globally to new clients of all sizes”?? said Petar Marinkovic, Founder and Chief Scientist at PPO.Labs. ??“We are excited to partner with KSAT and Norut to bring our products and technology to another level, and contribute towards making
spaceborne deformation mapping a commodity tool.”

Press contacts

For all inquiries and further information, please contact:
Carles Debart – Project development KSAT-GMS
+47 77661325

Nina Soleng – Marketing Director KSAT
+47 77600277