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Krakow Declaration on INSPIRE

INSPIRE Conference 2010 ends with an agreed Declaration to Member State Governments

The European Commission (EC) Joint research Centre INSPIRE information platform has published the Krakow INSPIRE Declaration

The declaration states

“Krakow Declaration on INSPIRE approved at the Closing Session of the Conference “INSPIRE as a framework for cooperation”, 23-25 June, 2010

In total 670 scientists, engineers, educators, entrepreneurs, managers, administrators, and representatives of civil societies from 50 countries have assembled here, in the historic city of Krakow, to attend the INSPIRE Conference 2010, organized by the European Commission and the Polish Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography.”

“We therefore recommend our governments and organisations to

  • maintain their efforts and investments needed for reaping the societal benefits that INSPIRE provides;
  • increase their international collaboration efforts to create an INSPIREd information society without obstacles or borders;
  • support the implementation of INSPIREd spatial data infrastructures in non-EU countries in Europe and beyond.”

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