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Kongsberg Spacetec news

September News

Kongsberg Satellite Services signs two contracts on improvement of ship and ocean object detection

Kongsberg Spacetec signs two contracts with KSAT.

The objective of the first contract is to implement an improved confidence estimator to distinguish between real detections of a ship or another floating object, and false ones. This will be done using a set of ship related characteristics.

The objective of the second contract is to integrate a set of prototypes into a single prototype service and visualization system and install it in the operational system at KSAT.

For more information about the customer: Kongsberg Satellite Services

Norwegian Defence Research Establishment signs contract on ocean object detection in SAR images

Kongsberg Spacetec signs a contract with Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (NDRE) to assess possible methodologies for using coherence image processing in order to improve ocean object detection in SAR images.

The objective of the work is to use complex radar backscatter and coherence image processing to provide improved object detection on the sea-surface.

For more information about the customer: Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

ESA contract – GSTP Framework Extension for SAR Level 3 Processing

Contract signed between KSPT (Kongsberg Spacetec) and ESA (European Space Agency). The contract is within the GSTP (General Support Technology Programme), and the name of the activity is “Framework Extension for SAR Level 3 Processing”.
The main objective of the project is to develop qualified technology to facilitate multiple channel SAR data exploitation for ship detection, and the project will run until April 2010. Commercial ship detection is an important area for KSPT, with success-stories from both KSAT (Kongsberg Satellite Services) and CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites). CLS has stated that pirate fishing in their area of interest has abolished due to ship detection capabilities. KSAT has been providing operational ship detection services for years. Both are using KSPT systems.

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