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Joint Declaration of the European Commission and the Council regarding the adoption of the GMES regulation and its initial operations (2011–2013)

On 16 June 2010 the whole European Parliament approved at first reading under the co-decision procedure the Commission’s proposal for a regulation on the GMES programme and its initial operations 2011–2013 (COM0223).

As a next step under the co-decision procedure, the legislative proposal is currently waiting for the Council first reading approval which is expected for this autumn.

On 3 September 2010, the General Secretariat of the Council published a joint declaration of the European Commission and the Council for the Council minutes for the adoption of the regulation on the GMES programme and its initial operations (2011–2013).

According to this document, the Commission will prepare the exploitation phase of GMES and will propose, in due time, arrangements for the GMES programmatic, financial and governance framework both for GMES as a whole and for its individual components as described in Article 2 of the proposed GMES regulation, in the context of the definition of the next EU Multi-annual Financial Framework. In this respect, the Council and the Commission recognise that the governance of the GMES programme should be considered as a whole and encompass all necessary structures and procedures.

Finally, it is stated that the Commission will consider how to complete the overall governance structure, through the presentation of a new legislative proposal on the GMES programme beyond its initial operations, during 2011.

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