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ITT announces release of the ENVI Orthorectification Module

New ENVI module combines automated workflow with advanced, proven algorithms to provide ENVI users with rigorous orthorectification capabilities.

ITT Visual Information Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT), announced the release of the ENVI Orthorectification Module, a new, add-on module to ENVI, a leading software solution for processing and analyzing geospatial imagery. The new ENVI Orthorectification Module combines the advanced, rigorous model from renowned orthorectification experts, Spacemetric, with an ENVI-based automated workflow approach that steps users through the orthorectification process to geometrically correct an image to remove distortions that occur during image capture. Providing support for a wide set of both satellite and aerial sensors, the ENVI Orthorectification Module makes the complex task of orthorectifying imagery accessible to image analysts of various experience levels, while providing mathematically accurate results.

Accurate, Proven Mathematical Model
The new ENVI Orthorectification Module incorporates the mathematical model for rigorous orthorectification developed by photogrammetric experts at Spacemetric ( Spacemetric’s engineers have worked closely with satellite providers for years to ensure their model is optimized to work with data and imagery from today’s most popular airborne and satellite sensors. The choice of leading global institutions, the Spacemetric model has proven to deliver optimized results with minimal error using GCPs and tie points.

“We are very pleased to have worked with ITT Visual Information Solutions to incorporate our tested models into the new ENVI Orthorectification Module,” said Ian Spence, sales and marketing director for Spacemetric. “With Spacemetric’s technology integrated into ENVI, geospatial imagery users – from experienced researchers and scientists to image analysts – can now deliver expert levels of accuracy in their products,”

New, Automated Workflow Integrated with ENVI Traditional methods for orthorectifying imagery often require extensive knowledge of photogrammetry and complex software systems. Now, the ENVI Orthorectification Module provides a guided workflow that steps users through a step by step process complete with an easy to use interface and instructions for orthorectifying images. To save time a new preview window allows users to set different parameters and view the results before completing the process for the entire image. Like ENVI, the module can also accessed programmatically to extend its sensor support and perform batch processing. And, because it is integrated with ENVI, results from the module can be seamlessly integrated into ENVI workflows for additional image processing and analysis.

“The ENVI Orthorectification Module was designed with both expert and non-experts in mind to allow ENVI users to quickly produce accurate orthorectification results,” explained Beau Legeer, director of product marketing for ITT Visual Information Solutions. “When combined with the additional automated workflows now available in ENVI, this new module creates a seamless, end-to-end process for exploiting imagery, guiding users through data ingest, orthorectification, and analysis,”

The ENVI Orthorectification Module is available for ENVI 4.6, recently released by ITT Visual Information Solutions. For more information, visit

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