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Italian Defence Ministry to launch the Sicral 1B satellite

Fundamental growth is expected in the services sector in Europe with the demand from European government programmes is very likely to increase via programmes such as Galileo and GMES.

Particular attention will be paid to launch services, which are essential to giving Europe independent access to space.

One of such initiatives is the Cosmo-SkyMed programme deployed the Italian Defense Ministry and supported by Telespazio, planning to go ahead with the Sicral 1B satellite, a co-investment in the launch scheduled for 2008 worth about €400 million.
The Sicral satellites are part of the “NATO Satcom Post 2000” programme in which Italy will be responsible for 100% of the NATO communication services.

The Sicral system for military communications via satellite allows tactical and strategic connections in national and out area territories, such as mobile communications with ground, naval and air platforms. The complex is composed by space segment, the satellite, and a ground segment with the Vigna di Valle Control and Management Center, near Rome. The satellite preparation and engagement have been managed by Defense administration, in particular by “Reparto TEI (Telecomunicazioni Elettronica Informatica)” of Defense General Staff.

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