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Irriget – Irrigation Support Service

Wasat has launched Irriget ( – the EO service that provides growers with precise information on current crop water requirements. Based on the analysis of Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 and meteorological data, it generates intuitive charts and maps facilitating the optimal irrigation decision-making.
A fusion of satellite thermal and optical data, and application of precise parameters for individual crops enables monitoring of plant water needs. Algorithms based on machine learning produce maps presenting the current condition of crops, actual evapotranspiration and water balance with 20 m resolution. For calculation of potential evapotranspiration, local meteorological data are merged with forecasts and modelled data, and all the processed data are resampled to a higher accuracy. The resulting information determine the optimal irrigation strategy. Irriget allows to indicate proper dates of irrigation and water doses that ensure optimal plant development. Farmers can check on a graph the right water dose that should be applied on a field with specific crop. There is a possibility to divide a field into narrow zones related to the actual operation of a reel irrigation system and to treat each strip independently. Farmers can save time and take full advantage of their irrigation equipment by watering crops with doses calculated on the basis of actual evapotranspiration and water balance. The choice of water quantities and periods of irrigation allows for the optimal coverage of plant needs and has a positive
impact on quantity and quality of yield.

Development of the service has been co-funded by the European Space Agency. Irriget has quickly received positive feedback from Polish growers who irrigate potatoes and other field crops. In January 2023 the organizers of Polagra Premiery International Agricultural Fair in Poznań awarded Irriget with the Gold Medal – the prize which goes to products that are distinguished by a high level of innovation and are appreciated by farmers and agronomists. Growers usually start with free testing of Irriget and most of them subsequently subscribe to the service. As of today, the complete set of functions is available only in Poland, but the work is underway to expand the geographic coverage of the service.