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Interview with Sensar

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Can you tell us a bit about Sensar ?

In the 21st century data will be the new oil, driving data-driven decisions, self-learning machines and a safe society. The current boom in the big data and satellite industries has the potential to revolutionize the way engineers do their daily work and at Sensar we work exactly on this interface. We believe in grounded decisions; no more surprises. We want to enable engineering experts to use satellite data in analyzing and managing their processes by making this data easily accessible, easy to use and attractively priced.

We are a team of 6, working from our offices in Delft and Mendoza (Argentina), with specializations as remote sensing, software engineering, cloud computing, civil engineering and mathematics. Sensar was established in 2017.

What services and products do you offer ?

In our cloud-based platform we use the InSAR technique to produce deformation monitoring products for civil engineers, allowing them to always have access to the most recent information on their assets. We show our clients how much their assets and infrastructure are moving with millimeter precision and help them managing the related risks with our industry-specific products.

What advice would you give someone that wish to start an eo company ?

Make sure that you start with identifying the end-user problems first. EO techniques have a lot of potential, but generally the gap between the technology and the end-users is large. Therefore, EO techniques often tend to be a solution looking for a problem.

EARSC has recently made a donation in your name to Why was it important for you to help this organisation ? is a platform that stimulates entrepreneurship and local economic development, by enabling direct microfinancing to small enterprises all over the world. Furthermore, they allow selecting on woman-owned enterprises. We can monitor from space, but we can only make a real impact on the ground. That is what enables.