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International markets reward Planetek

May 2012, After been awarded for the development of the new European INSPIRE Geoportal, Planetek Italia was chosen for major contracts and projects in Europe and North Africa.

The two contracts are the Geographic Information System for the Ministry of Agriculture of Morocco and the high-resolution map of Forest and Impervious Area characteristics for the EEA within the GMES Initial Operations (GIO]=650&tx_ttnews[backPid]=1&cHash=e62efa09ca555620a0c7db3400724192) Land Monitoring Services.

This is a new step for Planetek Italia towards an internationalization of its activities that prizes the skills and experience gained by the Planetek team. Nonetheless it will be a new challenge and a great experience that wil consider a number of new requirement coming from specific policies, techonolgies adopted and, obiouvsly, new cultures.

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