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Integration of the Soil Database of Turkey into European Soil Database

In order to extend the Soil Geographical Database to the countries of Mediterranean Basin, the implementation of soil geographical database of Turkey at 1:1 million scale was done.

In the current report, you will be informed about the preparation of soil database of Turkey compatible with European database and how the Turkish soil data have been integrated the European Soil Database. A number of attributes have been transformed from local/national soil datasets while some attributes have been obtained from auxiliary datasets using remote sensing and GIS Techniques.

Did you know that every year soil organisms process an amount of organic matter equivalent in weight to 25 cars on a surface area as big as a soccer field? Or that one hectare of soil can contain the equivalent in weight of two cows of bacteria? Or that some fungi are extremely big and can reach a length of several hundred metres? If you are interested in all that, plus the relationship between worms and erosion, microbes and clean water, you will find a wealth of information in the report Soil biodiversity.