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Institute of Geomatics: 10th birthday of the Institute

Young, experienced and not done yet – 10 years of Geomatics Research and Education at the Institute of Geomatics

Ten years have passed since the Institute of Geomatics in Castelldefels, close to Barcelona, Spain started operations in Applied Research and Education in Geomatics. Time went quickly, yet, a lot things have happened and the sector keeps growing. Who would have thought in 1999 that ten years later everyone can navigate his car with satellite guided navigation projected on digital maps? Who would have thought that billions of people could have free instantaneous access to satellite imagery and superimposed maps, including 3D representation of selected environments, all that from home? And who would have been sure that within almost only one year digital cameras would revolutionize cartography and every day’s life?

Some of you would, and so did we somehow. That is why we, together with our stakeholders, public and private partners and friends, have been looking for ways to contribute a little bit to these kinds of small technological miracles during the last 10 years. And, this is what we want to continue doing for the future, with even more ambition and joy.

Source Institute of Geomatics