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INSA:Ground segment design Ingenio and Paz satellites

Work is forging ahead on Ingenio and Paz, Spain’s future Earth observation satellites.

INSA is taking an active part in the definition of the two satellites, under two contracts which it was recently awarded. In the first, a “Compatibility study for a shared segment for the Paz and Ingenio satellites”, INTA is responsible for two parallel studies, one of which has been assigned to the consortium lead by INSA that also includes Astrium S.A.S. and Deimos Space S.L. The second, the “Ingenio ground segment consolidation study”, has been awarded by the European Space Agency to the consortium formed by Deimos and INSA.

Both satellites, which will be launched in 2012, will cover Spain’s civil and military remote sensing requirements by means of their optical and radar observation instruments which are being designed from the outset to ensure a high degree of compatibility. They will thereby obtain far better results than if the two had been developed separately.