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Innovative GIS-Software GeoMap

(06/09/2012) GAF GeoMap is a GIS desktop application for visualization, analysis and acquisition of raster and vector data as well as map generation and 3D visualization.

The user-friendly software is easy to use – also for non GIS-specialists. Further predefined functionality for more experienced users can be switched on in addition.

GeoMap is developed OGC-conform – also with respect to INSPIRE guidelines – and in compliance with certified ISO 9001:2008 procedures and common standards. The Software is programmed in Visual C# under the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. It is based on disposable openSource components (GDAL) and own developed class libraries. Through the use of the Microsoft DirectX library a high performance visualization of data in 2D and 3D is achieved.

Selected features/Key facts:

  • Simple and intuitive operability, ease of use also for users without detailed GIS knowledge
  • Flexible user oriented license models, also in terms of source code
  • No charged license of other parties incurred
  • Multilingualism
  • Linkable multi document interface
  • Modular architecture and extensibility
  • Modules and additional functions activatable
  • Contextual menu navigation
  • Management of standard and user related settings
  • Support of common raster and vector formats
  • Support of numerous geographic and projected reference systems as well as transformations in between
  • Geometry and topology operations
  • Integration and composition of graphic elements
  • Representation and analysis of elevation data in 2D and 3D, hillshades, slopes, contour levels, cross sections, line of sight, perspective and 3D views, anaglyphs
  • Hillshades and anaglyphs on-the-fly
  • High performance 3D visualization with unrestricted movement
  • Map generation with map grids, legends, further text and graphic elements
  • Usage of predefined and self-defined layouts, storage of templates
  • Real time access to GPS information and full-time navigation
  • Support of OGC conform data access (database and web services)
  • On-line help / tooltips
    System requirements:
    Windows XP/Vista/7, Microsoft .NET Framework from Version 4.0 and above, DirectX 9.0c