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Innovation Showcase: Positioning, Earth observations and Minerals

Geoscience Australia’s Innovation Showcase will highlight recent and ongoing geoscience innovations with the potential to influence the Australian Government’s ability to use geoscience for more effective decision making:

  • The Australian Geoscience Data Cube: From satellites to insights and better decisions. The transformation of 40 years of Landsat satellite images into a comprehensive continental analysis system that can tell us how our land and water has changed and provides tools to monitor change into the future (Trevor Dhu)
  • Moving Australia into the future with a modern spatial reference system. The promise of high-precision GPS to enable automated vehicles and more is dependent on having a high-precision datum – how do you do that when the Earth’s crust itself is moving? (Dan Jaksa)
  • Mineral Potential Mapper – using mineral systems science and data integration to predict the next big one. Mining is a key component of the Australian economy, but discovering and developing and ore body takes decades. How can we use our geoscience data to accelerate discovery and encourage investment? (Richard Blewett, Karol Czarnota)

The talks will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A panel session. This public seminar is presented as part of the Geoscience Australia Wednesday Seminar series.