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INNOVA wins ACEA’s bid to develop a monitoring system for AQUASER’s container fleet

INNOVA Consorzio per l’Informatica e la Telematica has been awarded ACEA’s competitive bid to develop a real-time fleet management system to monitor 300 AQUASER containers.

AQUASER is an association that provides services related to water supply, water treatment and sewage activities throughout Italy. The customized infomobility solution will ensure constant monitoring of the container fleet using battery powered GPS devices with a 1 year autonomy. Almost any modern organization can benefit from an infomobility solution. We strongly believe that ACEA has shown great insight on a way to resolve current waste disposal issues.

Management of any modern organization has become extremely challenging as they face international business, greater competition, increasing costs and complex logistics. INNOVA believes that infomobility solutions are the answer. Which is why we have developed our R.M.S. Resource Monitoring System, a Fleet Management product that can be customized to meet any organization’s specific needs.

R.M.S. is geared towards:
• National and International Logistics Organizations: Deliveries must be rapid and punctual. R.M.S. makes it easy to monitor each vehicle’s location, speed/direction and the time of a specific activity.
• Special Shipments: Companies specializing in solutions for any type of special shipment (high volume, high value, hazardous, etc.) need intuitive and flexible systems. If the merchandise is valuable, they will need constant location indicators and immediate notification should the merchandise be tampered with.
• Couriers: Accurate and on-time deliveries are essential to guarantee customer satisfaction.
• Security Services: Knowing the location of each vehicle 24/7 is vital.

Advantages of the system:
• Real-time Tracking: provides real-time tracking of each vehicle’s movements and activity records.
• Easy Management: a web-based system that offers 24/7 secure access from any PC with an internet connection guarantees constant visualization, reporting and management capabilities of your vehicle fleet.
• Real-time Monitoring: Real-time visualization of the location of each driver and service fleet vehicle, trailers or any other mobile unit that may need monitoring. Can be supplemented with extra sensors, video cameras and PDA (palm) devices to fully meet your business requirements.
• Simplified Planning: vehicle and route planning are greatly simplified.
• Communication: Communication with your drivers via GPRS is possible from any PC. Ease of use and cost effectiveness ensure maximum efficiency and best possible service to your customers.

Future applications on the way:
The dramatic increase of fuel prices has become a significant problem for organizations. INNOVA is currently working on developing applications to integrate into R.M.S. that will help organizations reduce their fuel expenses:
• An application to solve the Travelling Salesman problem, aiding logistic companies to plan delivery routes in the most timely and cost-efficient way;
• Fuel Monitoring application with reporting functions.

Headquartered in Matera, Italy, INNOVA Consorzio per l’Informatica e la Telematica is a technology provider in the remote sensing field, with experience in the development of Fleet Management and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), know-how and expertise geared towards the Earth Observation industry and the Public Administration Sector, and highly specialized knowledge of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), High Performance Computing (HPC) and GRID technology.

For more information, please contact our International Relations Manager, Marina Doubell
Phone: +39.0835.307760