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Infoterra’s Database of Offshore Oil Seeps now covers Arctic frontier

Infoterra Ltd, a leader in the provision of geographic information products and services, has completed the mapping of offshore oil slicks in the Arctic area covering more than 2 million km2 – including the Chukchi Sea, Beaufort Sea, Mackenzie Delta, Hudson Strait, Greenland and Outer Rockall areas. These areas expand the existing Global Seeps database into another new frontier region.

Global Seeps database covers over 60 million km2.
The Global Seeps database, covering over 60 million km2 of offshore basins, has been constructed by interpreting radar satellite data and screening offshore basins worldwide to a water depth of c.3,000 meters. The database is made up of over 12,300 ERS satellite equivalent scenes.
Oil seep information is valuable to exploration companies for locating possible sites of valuable oil accumulation. Immediate access and availability of this oil seeps database, either on a local, regional or global basis, provides customers with precise and detailed information when required. Infoterra’s Global Seeps database is already used by many major international oil companies as a powerful exploration tool to analyse the probability of a mature source rock and an active petroleum system being present, saving both time and money.
Dr Andy Wells, director of sales at Infoterra Ltd comments: “Infoterra has continued its plan to screen all the world’s offshore basins by adding the Arctic areas and the North Atlantic, which are now opening up to hydrocarbon exploration. This new detailed oil seeps data, in GIS format, will enable businesses to maximise exploration effectiveness and manage environmental impact.”
Oil seep identification is a complex process due to the depth of water, variability in leaking petroleum systems and man-made pollution within the offshore frontier basins. Infoterra’s team of experts characterise and rank the slicks as probable natural seepage or man-made pollution, as well as mapping rigs, platforms and ship traffic for a more complete picture of the controls on oil slick distribution.
About Infoterra Ltd.
Infoterra Ltd is a leading provider of geographic information products and services. Its portfolio of geographic information solutions includes airborne and satellite data acquisition, geo-information creation, database management and outsourced hosting. Infoterra provides geospatial knowledge to companies worldwide to help them make informed decisions. The company has major customers in communications, utilities, engineering, agriculture, defence and oil, gas & mineral exploration.
Infoterra Ltd. is part of the Infoterra group which comprises companies in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Astrium Ltd, an EADS company.
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