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Inofterra news: Spring, ‘AssetMonitor’ service, Infoterra SGSA acquires Enifosa

01 April 2010. Spring, as you have never seen it before

Infoterra Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS Astrium, along with its partners Southampton University and INRA France, has successfully mapped the start of Spring using satellite technology.
Infoterra has developed the PHenology And Vegetation Earth Observation Service (PHAVEOS) to monitor seasonal changes in the state of vegetation and has produced a series of maps, which show the British Isles emerging from Winter.

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10 March 2010 . New ‘AssetMonitor’ service launched to protect underwater cables and pipelines from shipping damage

Today Infoterra launched AssetMonitor, a new submarine asset protection service aimed at helping to protect valuable underwater assets – such as electricity & telecoms cables and oil & gas pipelines – from accidental damage by anchors and fishing activity. The company is also pleased to announce that Guernsey and Jersey Electricity’s Channel Islands Electricity Grid (CIEG) has become the first organisation to deploy AssetMonitor, and will use it to protect the two 90,000 Volt submarine cables that supply power and fibre optic communications from France to Jersey and on to Guernsey.

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09 March 2010. Infoterra SGSA acquires Enifosa

Infoterra SGSA, part of Spot Infoterra, the Earth observation division of Astrium Service, has acquired 100% of Enifosa’s (Enginyeria i Fotogrametria S.A.) shares, a leading Spanish firm in 3D urban atlas production and updating.

This purchase, which supports Spot Infoterra’s strategy of strengthening its position as a key player in the Earth observation market, is the first phase of a merging process that will culminate during the second quarter of the 2010, and make Infoterra SGSA one of the most important supplier and producer of geographical information in Spain.

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