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Industry Workshop on Satelite EO for insurance

The European Space Agency hosted an industry workshop in ESA-ESRIN in Frascati, Italy on 23rd and 24th of February 2012. This note provide a link to the final report.

Earth Observation (EO) data and services can deliver significant benefits to the scientific, public and private sector communities and this workshop examines the potential value of this data to the insurance industry. This will be a unique gathering, bringing together colleagues from the Insurance and Reinsurance communities with the Earth Observation community to address real challenges that we face in the drive to realise the benefits of using EO information in global insurance processes and products.

Workshop Objectives

  • To ensure that the re/insurance community is aware of current and new generation Earth Observation capabilities
  • To provide an opportunity for key personnel from both insurance and space industries to exchange ideas and develop new possibilities
  • Identify blockages to increased uptake of Earth Observation based services, short and long term
  • Develop ideas for new innovative Earth Observation products relevant to the Re/insurance industry
  • To communicate Re/insurance requirements to satellite operators and service providers, so that the space sector can work to meet these requirements

Please find attached the Final Report for you to download in pdf

Source ESA