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Industry Survey

A detailed understanding of the Earth Observation sector and the trends is essential to help stakeholders to plan their activities and to assess the effectiveness of their actions.

Industry has a strong interest to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is available. EARSC will shortly be starting to conduct a full survey of the industry to address amongst other matters; which are the key sectors, where are companies located, how many companies there are, what is their ownership structure, and what are their annual revenues? We are firstly trying to identify as many companies as possible in Europe which are involved in providing EO geo-information services.

We are therefore very pleased to have the support of ESA to prepare a current view of the state and health of the industry. In the next few months, and up to the end of the year, EARSC secretariat will be contacting companies to gather information about basic business activities, revenues, employees etc which will bring our understanding of the sector up-to- date. Companies will receive an on-line survey (electronic questionnaire) and a selection by telephone to interview and establish industry facts and figures that can be assessed on an annual basis to provide information on the industry trends. We strongly encourage you to participate. We aim to gather as full a picture as could be possible.

The objectives of the study are to gather analysed data to support future decision making related to the EO services sector. Specifically, we aim to: – Characterise the business of the EO services industries in Europe and Canada – Understand the way in which the industry sector has evolved over the last 5 years – Identify the key issues that the industry is facing today and over the next few years. – Draw conclusions on measures that can be taken to support the development of the sector.