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Indian Government Embarks on Mineral Mapping

The government of India will undergo a detailed mapping effort of all the mineral resources in the country. The country is known as a mineral-rich area with 28 varieties of minerals that include precious stones. The minerals that will be mapped include diamonds, iron ore, coal, limestone, dolomite, tin ore, bauxite and gold.

The national government unveiled the National Mineral Exploration Policy on Monday, calling for comprehensive exploration of non-fuel and non-coal mineral resources. The objective is to boost the national economy through mineral exploration.

Satellite imagery, and other space-based sensing, will contribute for both mineral exploration as well as checking for illegal mining.

Private agencies will carry out exploration with the right to a certain share of revenue from mineral auctions. The revenue share is seen as a means to reduce costs.

The legislation also calls for a National Geoscience Data Repository that will form the baseline for mineral exploration and will be open as a public good.

The policy can be reviewed online here