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Incorporation of the Magellium Ltd. team into Deimos UK

Harwell, December 16, 2014 Deimos Space UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elecnor Deimos created in 2013, is proud to announce that it has taken over the business of Magellium Ltd. which is now incorporated within Deimos Space UK Ltd.

The team is now employed by Deimos Space UK and has been joined in building R103 at Harwell by the existing Deimos UK team bringing the total number of Deimos UK staff to 15. This represents a high growth rate from the start of 2014 when the company employed just 2 people.

This new team provide additional capability in satellite image processing, remote sensing, systems integration and geographic information systems which will complement the existing Deimos team which is already delivering projects in the areas of flight systems, satellite ground segments, space situational awareness, satellite navigation and satellite applications.

Deimos will continue the current R&D activities of the incorporated company which focus on developing and operating new services based on satellite data and digital geography.

Three main markets are being explored:

  • Agriculture – including crop classification for land use monitoring, crop health monitoring for precision agriculture and crop disease prediction based on micro climate modelling
  • Education – exploiting satellite data in low cost accessible applications relevant to a wide range of curriculum areas
  • Web Maps for economic development -simple interactive web maps to encourage collaboration and innovation

Elecnor Deimos is the owner and operator of two remote sensing satellites; DEIMOS-1 which provides wide-area medium-resolution imagery in the visible and near IR bands and DEIMOS-2 which provides very-high-resolution (sub 1m pixel) imagery in the visible and near IR bands. DEIMOS-1 has been fully operational since 2009 and DEIMOS-2 declared initial operational capability at the start of November 2014 and will start its full operational service in January 2015.

The incorporation of the Magellium team into Deimos UK will strengthen the ability of the company to offer complete end-to-end solutions based on the use of data from the company’s satellites in end-user applications and services.