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Inauguration of the new TRE Milan headquarters

The open house inauguration of TRE’s new headquarters was held on Monday 13th at Ripa di Porta Ticinese 79, in the ‘Navigli area’ – a very typical and attractive suburb of Milan.

During the event, all TRE staff and the Board of Directors greeted over 50 guests, including some clients and data providers, and the Politecnico di Milano University’s delegation headed by the Rector Professor Giovanni Azzone.

Alessandro Ferretti was pleased to show the guests around the new 1000m2 offices, which now offer significantly more space for TRE’s sales & marketing, software development and post-production departments. The computer processing centre has also been upgraded, which has an increased storage capacity and processing power.

The new offices are evidence of TRE’s continued investment in technology, knowledge and R&D activities, in order to be able to offer pioneering services and products to our clients, while always looking after all other stakeholders: staff, consultants and providers. As many of the guests commented during the event, the new offices present a far better working environment for its staff.

Founded in 2000, TRE is the first spin-off company from Politecnico di Milano University, with the patenting of its first proprietary algorithm, PSInSAR™, now developed into its second generation algorithm SqueeSAR™ TRE has expanded from a small group of SAR experts to employ over 40 professionals from diverse disciplines.

TRE offers its clients maps of surface deformation to millimeter accuracy by analyzing SAR (Synthetic Aperture radar) satellite images with SqueeSAR™, thus providing a quantitative understanding of ground response to both natural and anthropogenic activities. TRE has two offices: Milan and Vancouver