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Improve your view on your geodata with FME2014

by GIM

FME Desktop

  • Redesigned graphical user interface for better user comfort (Including Restyled layout of transformers, connection lines,…)
  • New and improved transformers (Including FeatureMerger, MapNikRasterizer, NullattributeMapper and a set of PointCloud and S3-transformers,…)
  • New formats (Including AIXM 5.1 Writer, Autodesk Revit Reader, ArcGIS Online Reader, Geodatabase Raster Catalog, Google maps Engine tables, INSPIRE GML writer, Windows Azure SQL Database,…)
  • Improved functionalities of Data Inspector (Including Background maps, Save Selected data as,…)
  • Coordinate Systems (New: Lambert 2008, corrected: Lambert 1972 (Belge72/b.Lambert72A))
  • Operation Systems (Available as technical preview for Mac and Linux)

FME Server

  • Integration with Amazon Web Services
  • Make use of WebSockets
  • Monitor a directory and schedule processes automatically with the directory Watch Publisher
  • A new live view of notification service activity
  • One button FME Server backup functionality
  • No need for extra engines when using FMEServerJobSubmitter Transformer

What’s great 2014 – FME Server
What’s great 2014 – FME Desktop
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Open FME trainings 2014:
FME Desktop (NL, Louvain): 15-20/3/2014 et 9-11/10/2014
FME Server (NL, Louvain): On demand
FME Desktop (FR, Namur): 5-7/6/2014 et 4-6/12/2014