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IABG develops digital and mobile log measurement app

IABG has developed the WoodCA app for digital and mobile measurement of timber stacks. Using a photo-optical method, the number of logs is determined and the stack volume is automatically calculated.

Thanks to its mobile application and clear time-saving features, WoodCA is superior to conventional methods. WoodCA works on Windows operating systems (starting from Win8), is compatible with existing forest IT infrastructures, does not require internet connection and provides an independent reference dimension for the sales process. All measurement results can interactively be edited on-site already and be archived fully automatically.

Logs had to be separately counted and volumes had to be individually determined when measuring timber stacks in the past. IABG’s new app relieves users of this laborious and time-consuming work.

An intuitive control concept leads users through the measurement of stacks and inventory assessment in three steps. Log stacks are hereby photographed using single images that are merged into a panorama view allowing to automatically detect all visible log front surfaces. The user is able to manually edit results, e.g., to add front surfaces covered by grass or undergrowth. In addition to the number of logs, WoodCA automatically determines the log volume in steres and solid cubic meters as well as the strength class distribution. For this purpose, a reference measure must be entered which was collected beforehand with a tape measure between two individual logs. The results, including the stacks’ GPS coordinates, can be archived and exported in different formats, such as pdf, csv or ELDAT.

Thanks to the clear and intuitive menu structure, the app can virtually be used by anyone, even by people with no affiliation to the forestry and timber industry whatsoever. The app furthermore requires no additional aids. WoodCA does not only document the harvested timber quantity, it also provides an independent reference dimension. When compared to the measure at mill gate, it contributes to a more transparent sales process.

IABG will present WoodCA to a broad specialised public at INTERGEO in Hamburg, the leading exhibition on geodesy, geo information and land management from 11 to 13 October. Visitors are invited to get to know and test WoodCA in hall A4 at stand B4.027.