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How is Earth Observation used in decision making?

TERRASIGNA contributed to a documentary programme released by GEO, the Group on Earth Observations. From disaster risk reduction, tracking animals using satellites to Lake Titicaca water assessment and city planning, the documentary points out innovation in Earth Observation technology.

Climate change, water availability, food security, natural disaster mitigation, agriculture, forestry and coasts ecosystems, energy and resources security – all these topics are considered critical challenges for the times we live in.

Governments, industry and scientists have long recognised the critical importance of Earth Observation, as an information source in support of many sectors of society. But what EO data means in terms of everyday life activities, how they contribute to the Understanding of our life?

At the beginning of October, GEO released a documentary programme, entitled Earth observations: Delivering insight for decisions . The film engages with key figures and innovative organisations from different fields of expertise, in order to demonstrate the efficiency of EO information.

TERRASIGNA was invited to share its contribution to this vast realm of Earth Observation.

Insights addressing their native region, the South East Europe, but also case studies from remote areas, in South America’s countries are their testimonials.

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