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How can satellite-derived bathymetry data help your coastal projects?

DHI GRAS is one of the world’s leading providers of Satellite Derived Bathymetry. From our physics based methods, our proprietary software allows production of high quality and very detailed water depth data based on optical data in a spatial resolution ranging from 2m – 30m. We are currently building an online database with detailed 2m bathymetry data accessible through the Bathymetrics Data Portal.

Try exploring the 3D interactive animation below of an atoll from South China Sea. Simply click here to see the atoll from different angles or to zoom in or out.

This example came about through dialogue with the modelling community and major oil and gas companies to better understand the evolution of atolls. Why is there a need for this? Understanding how atolls evolve helps us make informed decisions about exploration activities – thereby securing optimal use of resources.

One of the key advantages of using satellite derived bathymetry is the low costs involved.

Learn more about the Bathymetrics Data Portal