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Edition 57 | Spring 2019


I am really pleased and proud to say that EARSC was awarded bronze place as the European Association of the year in the category for under 30 employees. This achievement is made even greater when we consider that we were entered in the category of “Association with less than 10 employees”, but mysteriously, the category was changed during the evaluations and we were beaten by two Associations with around 20 employees each. So really we are the golden European Association of the year (with under 10 employees)! […]


"While Japan has an advanced and competitive EO space infrastructure and is home to a large and sophisticated end-user market, opportunities exist in a number of – sometimes untapped - downstream markets including services for agriculture & forestry, fisheries, maritime vessel monitoring and drones."
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Fabrizio Mura
EU - Japan Centre

Industry profile

SatSense is a spin out from the Earth and Environmental Department at the University of Leeds. They have developed algorithms to convert Sentinel-1 InSar readings to ground movement data at a level of resolution not previously possible from this satellite. [..]

EARSC Activities​

IDEEO Workshop 7th of March

Press Release: IDEEO workshop on Earth Observation & International Market Development Opportunities & Challenges conclusion. [...]

European Association Awards

We are happy to announce that we have won bronze in the overall best European Association in the category less than 30 employees. Thank you all that support us! And thank you to the EARSC secretariat!

Agriculture workshop 27th of March & press release

The agricultural workshop co-organised with DG-AGRI from the Commission was a big success. The perspectives from both the policy makers and the commercial side were thoroughly explored during this workshop. [...]

Earsc news

Member news

Geo4i and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Nowadays, we heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence. Considering his core business in imagery, Geo4i couldn’t ignore the potential of AI for his future developmen. [...]

GEO Premium and EO-VLab!

As you probably already know GEO Premium is our subscription package to get ALL of our online courses in a single pack, affordable! [...]

Volkswagen uses Terra Scan to secure lithium and cobalt resources

TerraScan examines raw material deposits such as Lithium- and Kobalt for strategic analyses of offer and demand for the E-mobility Industry and next generation car battery developments. [...]

IABG launches project ARIMA for natural hazards prevention

IABG´s project manager Felicitas Bellert kicked-off ‘ARIMA’ project on assessment and simulation of multi-hazard risks in the Marrakech-Safi region. [...]

Planet collaborates with BASF to provide daily monitoring for farmers in Europe

San Francisco, USA, and Ludwigshafen, Germany, December 12, 2018 – Planet, an integrated aerospace and data analytics company, and BASF today announced a commercial deal. [...]

DHI Gras one of the Recipients of Microsoft and National Geographic AI for Earth Innovation Grants

New grant offers awards of more than $1.2 million to advance uses of artificial intelligence in scientific exploration and research on critical environmental challenges. [...]

Thales Alenia Space Marks Key Milestone for the NanoRacks Airlock Module

The shell for Bishop is ready to be shipped for the first-ever commercial Airlock that will operate on the International Space Station. [...]

Sinergise Shares Example EO Data for Free in Order to Bring Closer the Fields of Remote Sensing and Machine Learning

In the past half year, Sinergise has published a series of blog posts on Medium. The blog posts describe the full process of how to start using satellite data in order to extract useful information using machine learning.[...]

European Space Imaging: Penguins From Space

In cooperation with European Space Imaging, researchers from the British Antarctic Survey embarked on a world first journey to find emperor penguins from space using very high resolution optical satellite imagery. [...]

Interactive web-based tool for user-driven analysis of Functional Regions in Europe

Gisat develops web based platform to support the update of ESPON Online Analytical Processing cube and to deliver practical and communicative web tool integrating the new ESPON OLAP cube functionalities. [...]

Agora Session: EO for the Energy Production Sector

As part of ESA’s Living Planet Symposium 2019, held in Milan, we are organising a discussion session on the use of Earth Observation (EO) Data within the Energy Production sector. [...]

Earth-i completes its 3rd annual update of the satellite map of the state of Queensland, Australia

New Space pioneer Earth-i today announced that it has completed the third annual update of the satellite map of the state of Queensland. [...]

Vito: Can we use drones in disaster management?

Discover LUMEN, a low-cost, end-to-end solution that enables critical situation management, thanks to real-time drone imagery brought right to your desk from anywhere in the world. Video [...]

Eurosense at BeGeo Conference

Eurosense was present at the conference BeGeo 2019 on March 19th in Brussels, and was delighted to showcase its latest projects and to interact with other geospatial actors. Have a look at our LinkedIn page (link) to see some images of the booth, and also a wall with different pictures from the 55 years of history of Eurosense.

Wasat launched service

In April 2019 Wasat launched service: IDE environment, based on the popular Jupyter Notebooks technology, focused on processing of EO data in the cloud. Users gain access both to data sets and to functions useful for their processing, visualization and sharing. [...]

MARINE–EO: Planetek Hellas leads consortium for the first Pre-Commercial Procurement in Europe on Earth Observation

Planetek Hellas, acting as the prime in the submitting company grouping, together with Planetek Italia, CMCC, KSAT and Creotech Instruments, has been awarded the MARINE-EO PCP Phase 2 project for the design, development, [...]

RUS Service by CS SI

The RUS Service is the “New Expert Service for Sentinel Users” funded by the European Commission, managed by the European Space Agency, and operated by CS and its partners Serco, Noveltis and Along-track [...]

Planetek launches “Back To The FutureEO” talk at LPS19

lanetek Italia is organizing the “Back To The FutureEO” Conference, which will happen on May 16th, 2019 from 16.00 h. to 19.00, in the context of the ESA's Living Planet Symposium 2019 next 13-17 May 2019 in Milan, Italy. [...]

EARSC member vacancies


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