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Hellenic National Sentinel Data Mirror Site

The Hellenic National Sentinel Data Mirror Site that is operated by the Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Space Applications, and Remote Sensing (IAASARS) of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) and powered by the GRNET S.A. (Greek Research and Technology Network), is entering a new era making one step forward towards the recommended architecture for the Copernicus GS, the so-called “Copernicus Integrated Ground Segment Data Access”.

The new Greek Mirror Site was overall upgraded, offering to its users a new and more friendly environment for browsing, discovering, previewing and downloading Sentinels data.

1. You can access to the site using the link . Then you access to the data by selecting DOWNLOAD SENTINELS DATA , and then by clicking on the ENTER THE HUB button.
2. Alternatively you can directly access to the data hub by linking to!!

The new version of the Hellenic Mirror Site is fully aligned and synchronized with the data hub’s architecture of the European Space Agency (ESA). It offers a high interoperability, and fast online access (1GBps) to the Sentinels data of the last 30days (currently to Sentinel 1 & Sentinel 2, and in the near future to Sentinel – 3 and 5P ) for the regions of Mediterranean, South – Eastern Europe, Balkans, Middle East & the North Africa.

However, in the case which data gaps are detected between the Hellenic National Sentinel Data Mirror Site and the Sentinels Scientific Data Hub catalogue, those are caused by an upgrade progress applied by ESA. More information is available via the following link. This issue affects last month data and is expected to be resolved, soon.

The users registered in the older version of the Hellenic Mirror Site have been automatically transferred to the new one. The previously registered users should have received an email from the sender HNSDMS Support Team ( providing you with the new password to enter into the new version of the Hellenic Mirror Site. It is recommended to change your password the first time you enter into the system. However the older users or the new ones, can always register as new users by creating a new account.