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Hatfield Launches Land Monitoring Service to Support Risk Management for Resource Developers

(April 2014) Hatfield Consultants has launched a new Land Monitoring service for mining, oil and gas and plantation resource developers to mitigate and manage environmental and social risks.

Effective Land Monitoring is a dynamic and continuous process of managing environmental and social risks, ideally supported throughout project development with information derived from satellite remote sensing. Through Land Monitoring, Hatfield supports the development of effective environmental and social management systems and ensures that Land Monitoring systems:

  • Are appropriate to the nature and scale of the project
  • Support sustainable environmental and social performance
  • Improve financial, social, and environmental outcomes
  • Are integrated with on-the-ground biodiversity and social assessments

How it Works

In contrast to conventional land change maps that can take months to be produced, Land Monitoring uses new satellite remote sensing systems to provide more frequent, high resolution satellite images. Our image processing systems use the baseline habitat data of your project area and new satellite images. Our change detection system integrates knowledge of seasonal habitat change to ensure we identify, extract and report information important to your operations. Changes are identified and the baseline habitat information is updated. Maps and data are delivered in a fraction of the time through the Land Monitoring website or data streaming.

Hatfield Land Monitoring Services

To learn more, visit the website

About Hatfield Consultants

Hatfield Consultants is a pioneer in the field of environmental services with a 40-year history of providing innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges. Hatfield conducts environmental and social baseline studies and monitoring around the world, including North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Land Monitoring is an essential component of our activities to support responsible resource development. Our track record includes successful completion of baseline studies, environmental assessment, and ongoing monitoring in a number of resource development sectors.

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