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Half Price Africa Satellite Imagery [Limited Time Offer]

(September 19, 2013) For the first time ever, DMCii offer:* All Africa Satellite Imagery for three consecutive years (2011-2013) * 22m multispectral satellite imagery for the whole African continent as a single fantastic dataset. * 50% price reduction until 20th December 2013 * Whole continent or individual countries.

African 2013 dataset © DMCii, 2013. All rights reserved

This world-class satellite imagery is cloud optimised with individual images covering an incredible 650km wide swath with at least 90% of land surface visible at a consistent width. This makes for easy processing and analysis and is available for half price until 20th December 2013. DMC data provides a reliable record of the African continent, ideal for establishing independent evidence of changes in:

  • Agriculture: Due to population trends or climate change
  • Landcover: Related to natural or human influences
  • Forest extent for REDD+ and GEO Forest Carbon Task
  • Desertification: Climate change effects
  • Water bodies: Lakes rivers, dams

DMCii’s satellite imagery is from a single sensor; other imagery can take up to 10 years to collect. Offer includes satellite images, from the whole African continent, like the one below, which shows detailed features from Fires in Okavango, Namibia.

Fires in Okavango, Namibia, Africa © DMCii, 2012. All rights reserved

Purchase this imagery now to receive twice the pixels per km² than Landsat with, with high resolution 22m GSD. This special-offer imagery has its radiometry cross-calibrated within 1% of Landsat and is on the same spectral filters as Landsat bands two, three and four, making it consistent and compatible with 40 years of Landsat data. This data can also be split into single country data sets, to enable for three years of accurate imagery to monitor year on year changes in:

  • National land-cover and infrastructure mapping
  • Agriculture, pests & diseases and Food security
  • Forest cover – REDD+ Monitoring Reporting and Verification
  • Rivers, lakes, dams or coastline
  • Fire scars
  • Urban extent
  • Mining – open cast mine expansion

In addition to this, DMCii are offering their customers the opportunity to plan ahead with confidence by signing up for continuity of monitoring until 2022. Contact DMCii today to get a competitive quote based on how frequently you need to monitor your country. At DMCii we want to make your job easier, by acquiring imagery to match your specific needs. Contact DMCii’s Sales Team to discuss your requirements and take advantage of our amazing HALF PRICE OFFER before 20 December 2013. Phone: +44 1483 804235 Email:

(Source DMCii)