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GOCE data about to be released

The release of the first data products to the GOCE user community through ESA’s user services is imminent.

(30 March 2010). Following the start of nominal science operations with the satellite in drag-free mode at the end of September 2009, a first complete coverage of the Earth was completed last December. First results in terms of gravity gradients and satellite-to-satellite tracking data were also presented at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Following some tuning of the data processing, all associated Level 1b data products have meanwhile been generated, and are presently being assessed by the GOCE Cal/Val teams.

We are pleased to announce that the quality of the data products is excellent, and that we will start distributing Level 1b products to all registered GOCE users at the end of April. We will notify all Principal Investigators in person when data is eligible for retrieval.

An official presentation and discussion of the data quality will be given at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna, on Friday 7 May in session G7. After the Assembly we will make the official presentation available to everyone.

We will present the first Level 2 products and start distributing them from ESA’s Living Planet symposium at the end of June onwards.

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Source: ESA Earthnet Online and EOportal